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Teresa Gaines State Farm
Every month, I paid through a credit card over the phone to a Vanessa at the State Farm Teresa Gaines office in Clarksville, TN ....After 9 months State farm tells me that if i would like to continue paying over the phone monthly that i will have to pay $287.73 down payment as well as the monthly payment of $287.73,or they need my permission to direct draft out of my account were it will not cost me
So i either pay $500+ to continue doing what i have been doing and only authorizing a one time payment monthly and this $287.73 dollars goes into someone's pocket and is never applied to my account or i give you my account and rotating number so that you can debt my account how ever you see fit. My fiancé let them know that we will be looking into a new insurance company and cancelling them.
I decide i will go with geico and i go to sign up and see that the accident my fiancé was in, that state farm said he was not at fault, clearly says in his DMV report Accident; At fault, which now explains why he LOST his job.. that's news to both of us, & we were told differently so now that accident that was suppose to be not at fault is now increasing the insurance rate by almost $100, but i get medical coverage, full coverage, roadside, and all the goodies i could imagine at geico for $7 less then what i am paying for garbage coverage with state farm. So I jump at the chance and get geico immediately, geico told me once I get the email with my policy number go ahead and cancel out state farm and they will also send a cancellation letter, well apparently they did because for the first time since January 2015 state farm deducted $287.73 out of my account literally 45 minutes later with NO AUTHORIZATION, I called them immediately and told them they had no authorization to do that, and was told they auto drafted that out of my account, how? They didn't have a accounting and rotating number and I didn't sign their letter to authorize that, I tell them they need to immediately refund that money to my account and they tell me it will take 5 days to just get a request for a refund. I call my bank region who tells me that it was taking out by the card, so someone ran my card numbers, which means they kept my card information on file unlawfully doing so and my bank tells me there is nothing they can do until it post and the only thing i can do till then is to call state farm back and have them refund it until it post, well after 6 different stories by state farm they decide they aren't going to do anything and i have to file a police report with the Clarksville Police after a few days it finally post to my account i am able to dispute the charge, i go into the office branch who tells me " let me guess they took money out of your account without authorization after you purchased geico and they said they auto drafted it out of your account". Funny they would say that, since that's exactly what happened, obviously this has happened multiple times. I contacted regions and have given them all the information and they are opening the Dispute and someone is working 1 on 1 with me to get this resolved. My fiancé called State Farm Teresa Gaines office 1/13/16 since they have made no attempts what so ever to help resolve. He gets a call center rep who tells him they have sent a cancellation check out for $56 dollars. He says no the amount is $287.73 not $56.00 and was placed immediately on hold, then a woman comes on the line that tells my fiancé not to call the 1800statefarm number only Teresa Gaines can handle this and was told she would call him back. He then receives a voicemail from TERESA who tells us that we owe her for the month of December and we would not be getting that money refunded.YOU PAY A MONTH IN ADVANCE so its not like i owed them any money this is for the month of JANURARY a month that just started. I have a emailed receipt for every month since January 2015 so that is another complete lie told by Teresa Gaines office.
I would like my $287.73 back that they fraudulently stole from my debit card, bank account.

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