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Be careful
Long story short be very careful of this agency. My wife and I had our mortgage modified a few years ago and changed to a variable interest rate. We also used auto pay for our mortgage/escrow for tax& insurance. I noticed our payment had gone up almost $300/mo about 3 years ago but assumed it was due to our variable interest. Than tow months ago it again went up over another $200/month. I checked into it and found out that in fact our interest has never gone up but our home insurance in a matter of 5 years has gone from $1300 roughly to over $5000 per year. Can you imagine my surprise in finding out that we have been paying almost $500 per month for insurance. I immediately contacted Wade and he tried to convince me that that is normal. Anybody reading this knows how abnormal this is. We do not have a million dollar house just a normal house but in a nice crime free area. WE HAVE NEVER FILED A CLAIM we have never even met the guy but after trying to talk to him the only response I got was that $5000 ++ is normal. If I had known or agreed to such thats one thing but due to the circumstance of auto pay I wonder how many hundreds/thousands of customers he does this to. Please take caution in doing business with this person/ company as far as I am concerned its worse than stealing

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